Leading Improvement

Leading Improvement is a challenging business. It requires both passion and objectivity; it demands relationships of trust as well as good data; it requires will, focus and an evidence-based approach that informs action.

At a glance

If you want to know how to build a culture premised on strategic improvement, this programme is a must!

You will develop leadership skills around targeted interventions that align with strategic improvement priorities. You will also learn about high-impact practice that leads to visible improvement. We address soft skills such as emotional intelligence recognised as being twice as important as cognitive skills in leading culture change and supporting school improvement.

What’s covered?

Through a highly interactive approach to learning that includes group discussion, exercises, tools and virtual sessions, you will quickly learn how to get to grips with leading visible improvement by understanding key processes and practice that underpins sustainable improvement. You will:

1. Review your context and identify critical improvement priorities

2. Explore issues and mindsets integral to school improvement

3. Design and deliver a coherent strategy for improvement

4. Lead culture change to sustain high-impact improvement



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