Leading Change

Helping you and your organisation to be change capable

Leading change is demanding.  It requires ability to focus on core internal priorities whilst horizon scan to identify external change drivers; it means knowing how to address change inclusively, including how to sponsor change teams; it demands emotional and political acuity – all of which we cover in this course.

At a glance

If you want to build a change capable school, this programme is for you.

You will learn about change models, tools and processes that secure inclusive change and impact. You will develop leadership skills in sponsoring change, including emotional and political skills that are critical for adaptive leadership.

What’s covered?

Through an experiential approach to learning that includes group exercises, discussions, tools and virtual sessions, you will learn how to get to grips with change by understanding better your change priorities and how to avoid the pitfalls that derail change efforts.  You will:

1. Assess your own context and identify strategic priorities for change

2. Review essential change models, processes and tools

3. Apply tools and models to set up a change team with specific accountabilities

4. Know how to sponsor and lead a change culture that is sustainable.


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