Nailing Teaching

Understand the new Teaching Standards and how to nail learning

The new Ofsted framework highlights teaching and learning, assessment and learner progression as never before. The new Teaching Standards place new focus on design for learning. Are you ready?

At a glance

This course is a must if you want to reflect on and unpack design for learning. It will equip you with the skills and strategies to address key Ofsted criteria on teaching and learning that differentiate between ordinary to extraordinary performance.

You will be facilitated in reviewing your own practice to address data driven assessment, use of feedback and learner need in design for learning. You will be supported in reviewing your own practice, including strategies for supporting learning that focus on evidence.

What’s covered?

Learning is highly interactive, using transferable processes, tools and models that you can apply in the classroom immediately. You will:

1. Review your practice with reference to the new Teaching Standards

2. Identify blockers, enablers and wicked issues that impact on learning

3. Learn how to co-plan, co-observe and co-design learning

4. Design a strategy that supports evidence-based, design for learning


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