Project Design/ Innovation

Lead a strategic inquiry project that delivers impact

At a glance

This programme equips you to lead an innovation project that delivers practice benefits by understanding how to design for impact and scaling.

You learn how to align project aims to strategic priorities for change and innovation. You understand issues involved in designing and leading interventions or projects that supports sustainable innovation. You are mentored to use co-design and co-coaching processes critical for impact. You are taught the value of peer review, data analysis and interim reporting of work in progress to key stakeholders. This course is a must if you’re focused on evidence based innovation or performance!

What's covered?

You will learn how to manage and lead innovation projects that deliver results. You will:

1. Review practice and identify your strategic priorities for innovation

2. Design and plan a strategic project to achieve specific outcomes

3. Understand which stakeholders to engage in co-design, why, when and how

4. Know how iterative analysis and reporting of progress enhances innovation that scales


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