Leading Innovation

Evidence-based change that results in improvement or innovation

We live in turbulent, yet exciting times.  Turbulence increases the potential for innovation, but only if we pay attention to 3 key factors - we identify strategic questions, we understand how to generate data that informs change priorities and we know how to manage political and emotional issues that derail change.

At a glance

This programme develops skills in leading evidence-based change by identifying aspects of practice that demand evidence or robust systems to support decision-making e.g. performance review. The prorgamme examines good practice in building evidence-based professionalism whilst addressing political and emotional dynamics around rational decision-making that require skill.

What's covered?

You will learn how to successfully address practice issues or change that is informed by evidence whilst taking account of cultural and political issues that block change or adaptation. You will:

1. Review your own practice and assess how far evidence drives decision-making

2. Address methodological and quality issues in generating or using evidence through inquiry

3. Know how to build an evidence-based case for change or decision-making

4. Learn how to manage political and emotional issues related to objective evidence.


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